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Navigating the Affirmative Action Rulings: An In-Depth Analysis

Understanding the Supreme Court’s Decision and its Impact

Welcome to our dedicated page on the landmark Supreme Court rulings in the cases concerning UNC and Harvard’s admission policies. These decisions have marked a significant departure from over 40 years of Affirmative Action precedent, thereby jeopardizing equal opportunities for all in higher education—especially for Black students and other underrepresented communities.

We believe that the Court is on the wrong side of history and are committed to the idea that America thrives when we embrace the talents and potential of students from diverse backgrounds and uphold respect for everyone. Though the rulings have made it more challenging for universities to implement such programs, they have not eliminated the consideration of race in the admissions process entirely.

Our comprehensive analysis aims to demystify the implications of these rulings. We delve into the criteria for a narrowly tailored race-conscious admissions program and explore potential strategies for colleges and universities to continue promoting diversity and racial equity. Together, we will explore how higher education institutions can recommit to ensuring opportunities for all students, fostering an environment of inclusivity, access, and justice.

Every individual, regardless of their racial or ethnic background, deserves a fair shot at higher education. We invite you to join us in understanding these complex rulings and working towards a future where all students have the chance to succeed.

Affirmative Action Q&A

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Four Key Points

Four Key Points Stakeholders Must Consider to Ensure Educational Opportunity for All


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Five Things You Can Do

Five Things You Can Do to Advance and Protect Diversity and Racial Equality


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Students of color experience a


decline in likelihood of admissions to selective public colleges when an affirmative action ban is enacted.






of colleges said race was a “considerable influence” in admissions decisions.






of colleges said race was a “moderate influence” in admission decisions.