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The Supreme Court UndermineD
Affirmative Action.

The Supreme Court UndermineD
Affirmative Action.

5 things you can do
to Advance and Protect Diversity and Racial Equity

5 things you can do to Advance and Protect Diversity and Racial Equity

Despite the Supreme Court’s decision to undermine 40+ years of legal precedent, we will not be deterred in the greater pursuit of diversity in the classroom and beyond. While the ruling dealt with higher education admissions, it is being weaponized by opponents to target diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) measures in other contexts, like the workplace. From educating ourselves and spreading awareness to implementing strategies to protect DEI initiatives at your organization, there are many actions you can take to ensure that the rich multi-racial diversity of our country is reflected across all sectors and facets of society. Here are five actions you can take right now to defend and advance diversity.

UnderstanDING the ruling

The Court’s decision threatens to make higher education less accessible, less equitable, and less attainable for students of color – but only if we let it.

Our team of legal experts parsed through the decisions to develop our strategies to protect opportunities. Here’s what you need to know.


The Lawyers’ Committee was the only civil rights organization that argued to protect affirmative action cases before the Supreme Court, defending several clients, including Sally Chen, Andrew Brennen, and Star Wingate-Bey. You can hear firsthand accounts of their powerful personal journeys as this case moved through the judicial process all the way to the Supreme Court.

Sally Chen

Andrew Brennen

Star Winegate-Bey


We’re building a team of advocates to demand that entities, including higher education institutions, corporations, and others, prioritize opportunity over exclusion. From corporate leaders to academic institutions, each of us plays a pivotal role in propelling greater access to education into the future. Join us! Sign up to be on the frontlines in the fight.

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Your opinion and experience matter. By sharing your own story, you become an advocate for equitable access to opportunity within and beyond the classroom. Record a compelling video that highlights your personal journey and underlines why equal education opportunities are imperative to fostering a more just society. The stakes are high. In light of recent Supreme Court college admissions decisions, it’s more important than ever to speak out and stand up in our collective fight to create the equitable pathway toward higher education that we need and deserve.


Your voice matters. Join us in spreading the word on social media and create a powerful movement for change.


Additional Resources

While the Supreme Court’s decisions attempt to undermine our race-conscious future, the work of fighting for opportunity for all in higher education and beyond does not stop. We all have a role in this fight. Check out these resources for academic institutions, corporate leaders, and elected officials.

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