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Fred McBride

Redistricting and Voting Rights Policy Specialist

Fred McBride has been involved in voting rights for approximately 20 years. The focus of his work is mainly quantitative and qualitative research in redistricting and voting rights law.

Fred served as the Redistricting Coordinator/Research Analyst for the Voting Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union for over 12 years, and has served as senior staff member for various voting rights organizations. He analyzed and drew redistricting plans for elected officials, civic groups, organizations, and citizens, and evaluated election returns performing statistical analyses to determine voting behavior patterns. To date, Fred has drawn and evaluated redistricting plans, performed racially polarized voting studies and demographic analysis, served as expert witness for several voting rights cases, and presented at redistricting hearings for over 100 jurisdictions in 23 states, and the District of Columbia. Prior to joining the Lawyer’s Committee, Fred taught political science at Georgia State University Perimeter College. He has a PhD in Political Science from Clark Atlanta University with undergraduate and graduate political science and public administration degrees from Louisiana State University and Southern University.