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Nonprofit Incorporation and Capacity-Building

The Fair Housing & Community Development Project assists in incorporating new nonprofits by drafting articles or incorporation, bylaws, other corporate documents, and the application for 501(c)(3) or (c)(4) status.  The Fair Housing & Community Development Project also strengthens existing nonprofits by revising corporate documents, training board members on their responsibilities, facilitating strategic visioning sessions, drafting board manuals and corporate policies and procedures, and setting up special purpose entities.


CASA de Maryland

CASA’s primary mission is to work with the community to improve the quality of life and fight for equal treatment and full access to resources and opportunities for low-income Latinos and their families.  Founded in 1985 by Central American refugees and North Americans, CASA was created in response to the needs of the thousands of Central Americans arriving to the DC area after fleeing wars and civil strife in their countries of origin.  The Fair Housing & Community Development Project is assisting CASA in its efforts to establish a subsidiary affordable housing developer.  Click here to learn more about CASA.

Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance

The Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance (GNOHA) was formed in 2007 by non-profit housing builders and community development corporations that are working to rebuild the City of New Orleans after the flood brought by Hurricane Katrina devastated the city’s infrastructure, specifically its housing stock.  GNOHA’s mission is to collaborate and support member efforts to build workforce housing for the citizens of the Greater New Orleans area in an ethical and efficient manner.  The Fair Housing & Community Development Project is currently supporting GNOHA in obtaining 501(c)(4) status from the IRS.  Click here to learn more about GNOHA.

Providence Community Housing

Providence Community Housing was formed when representatives from local faith-based organizations came together in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to see how they might use their joint talents, experience and resources to help address the critical need for affordable and supportive housing in southern Louisiana.  Providence is one of several partners redeveloping the Faubourg Lafitte housing development as mixed-income rental and homeownership housing.  The Fair Housing & Community Development Project is assisting Providence in forming a tenants association for Faubourg Lafitte renters.  Click here to learn more about Providence.

Broadmoor Development Corporation

The Broadmoor Development Corporation (BDC) was created by the Broadmoor Improvement Association (BIA) in 2006 as a response to the growing demand for housing advocacy in the wake of Katrina.  BDC coordinates its efforts with the BIA, a nonprofit, grassroots organization with more than an 80-year history of civil rights leadership from fighting block busting to integrating schools. The Fair Housing & Community Development Project has been working with BDC to update its corporate policies and provide guidance to its board members.  Click here to learn more about BDC.

Rose Community Development Corporation

Rose Community Development Corporation (Rose CDC) represents a collaboration of non-profit groups, including a community development financial institution (CDFI), that will renovate a blighted, former parochial elementary school campus and convert it into an incubator for educational and creative entrepreneurs called the Bayou Tremé Center for Arts and Education.  Rose CDC will continue to help build non-profits in the area, and invest in education within the historically African American neighborhood of Tremé.  The Fair Housing & Community Development Project is assisting Rose CDC in obtaining 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.  Click hereto learn more about the Bayou Treme Center for Arts and Education.

Louisiana Homebuyer Education Collaborative

The Collaborative is dedicated to promoting first time homebuyer education by certifying agencies in homebuyer training.  Its mission is to support these non-profit agencies in their challenge of educating prospective borrowers and existing homeowners in today’s difficult housing market.  The Fair Housing & Community Development Project is working to incorporate the Collaborative as a nonprofit in Louisiana and to obtain 501(c)(3) status.

Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative

The Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative (JPNSI) is committed to developing a community land trust to preserve and expand affordable housing in the Mid-City neighborhood of New Orleans.  The Fair Housing & Community Development Project helped JPNSI obtain 501(c)(3) status from the IRS and continues to support JPNSI in achieving its goals as a neighborhood-based community land trust.  Click here to learn more about JPNSI.

Sankofa Community Development Corporation

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​​​​​​​​​​​The Sankofa Community Development Corporation serves as a catalyst to revitalize New Orleans’ Lower and Upper Ninth Ward communities. The organization serves residents of the area by addressing the social determinants of health, supporting diets rich in fruits and vegetables, and helping to decrease cardiovascular risk factors. Sankofa CDC works to increase access to fresh healthy produce and educate residents about the importance of growing and consuming healthy foods.  To learn more about Sankofa CDC’s programs, click here.

O.C. Haley Boulevard Merchants and Business Association

Since the late 1990s, the O. C. Haley Boulevard Merchants and Business Association (OCHMBA) has been the lead organization engaged in a strategic plan to revitalize the historic Boulevard. OCHMBA has facilitated significant investment for the corridor over the years, especially in the post-Katrina environment, and the Boulevard is poised to make a spectacular come-back.  OCHMBA strengthens existing businesses and organizations; develops financial and other resources; procures technical assistance and university partners to assist property owners with redevelopment; and recruits new businesses identified as desirable by the community’s residents.  Learn more about OCHMBA by clicking here.

NO/AIDS Task Force

For over 28 years, the NO/AIDS Task Force has been providing hope, care and compassion to thousands of men, women and families affected by HIV/AIDS.  NO/AIDS acknowledges that the complications of HIV/AIDS are not just physical, but mental, emotional and social as well. For this reason, it offers a full spectrum of care at low to no cost, including services such as an HIV medical clinic, food pantry, home delivered meals, housing, mental health, peer support and many others. NO/AIDS reaches over 20,000 people each year through HIV prevention education efforts.  Click here to learn more about NO/AIDS.

Faubourg Lafitte Tenants’ Association

The Faubourg Lafitte Tenants Association represents low-income tenants of the Faubourg Lafitte mixed-income redevelopment to the Housing Authority of New Orleans and the owners and developers of the project.  Its mission is to serve the needs and interests of Faubourg Lafitte tenants and to foster a forum for education and civic engagement throughout the neighborhood.

Louisiana Association for Public, Community, and Adult Education

The Louisiana Association for Public, Community, and Adult Education (LAPCAE) promotes state and local educational opportunities for adult learners, including programs in adult literacy, basic education, GED preparation, community education, technical education, special education, and ESL.  To learn more about LAPCAE, please lick here.


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June 21, 2015