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How Legal Mobilization Works


The Legal Mobilization Project (LMP) works across the Lawyers’ Committee to implement substantive programs and large scale pro bono projects.  This include developing overall infrastructure, protocols, volunteer and client materials, management tools (of data, volunteers and clients/intakes), and volunteer recruitment and training.

LMP also utilizes effective organizing techniques, including identifying key partners, determining the parameters of these relationships, facilitating outreach efforts and tracking progress. In addition, LMP works to identify better uses of  technology to support our work, such as through mobile enabled websites, a national hotline platform, online databases and a volunteer management system, to name a few. All of the Lawyers’ Committee work is, in turn, supported by pro bono law firms, which provide meaningful legal assistance.

This overall model allows the Lawyers’ Committee to build on our litigation and public policy work and expand our reach and impact further.


Examples of LMP Signature Programs

Since its creation, LMP has been critical to the success of four major Lawyers’ Committee initiatives, including Election Protection, the Parental Empowerment and Readiness Program (PREP), Clemency Project 2014, and the Loan Modification Scam Prevention Network (LMSPN).  In each instance, LMP provided a critical role in organizing and implementing broad-based approaches to civil rights, while also utilizing the substantive experience and skill of the legal staff to further expand equal justice.

Learn more about LMP signature programs.


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June 10, 2015