Problems with voting? Call the Election Protection hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE.

Americans are confronted with COVID-19, which has devastated our communities and caused heartbreak for millions. This ongoing public health crisis has taken nearly 120,000 lives. The related economic collapse while fighting the virus has put 40 million Americans out of work. We have also seen graphic images of police violence, primarily against African Americans, including a video played repeatedly across the country. These twin crises are impacting African Americans disproportionately, causing profound suffering and a loss and closing of small and large businesses.

The Lawyers’ Committee protects and defends the civil rights of African Americans and other people of color in the areas of voting rights, economic justice, educational opportunity, criminal justice, and fair housing, whether working to ensure that every eligible voter has access to the ballot; fighting for criminal justice reform; training legal observers on the rights of peaceful protest; dismantling court-imposed fines and fees that impact poor communities of color; battling challenges to equal educational opportunity for students of color; or advocating for economic fairness for men and women of color in education, housing and environmental protection.

We have set a goal of raising $25 million to help the Lawyers’ Committee continue to fight for racial equity. We are asking for your help in meeting this goal.


We find ourselves facing a moment not unlike those that our country has faced at other critical moments in civil rights history. There is an urgent need for increased legal resources now. Communities continue to voice their pain and frustration in peaceful protests and encounters with police that sometimes turn violent. The safest and most profound way to effectuate change is to exercise the right to vote, which is crucial to moving our country forward.  As Lawyers’ Committee President and Executive Director Kristen Clarke has said “The right to vote is the most powerful form of protest in any democracy.” Ms. Clarke provided testimony just last Thursday, June 11, 2020 before Congress. The Lawyers’ Committee works to ensure that all Americans will have a voice in protecting our precious democracy, and effectively responding to the multiple crises our nation is facing.

The Lawyers’ Committee needs your help. It cannot do its critical work alone.  Corporate America must act to support our shared values and ideals, and stand in solidarity with communities that are suffering. Corporations throughout the nation are pledging to help end racial injustice and committing to diversity and inclusion initiatives. Companies like Home Depot, Citibank, Amazon and others have already pledged their support to the Lawyers’ Committee. But more is needed. You can have an important impact by making a contribution to the Lawyers’ Committee to ensure equality of economic opportunity, reform the criminal justice system, provide fair housing and education, and protect everyone’s right to vote.

Our nation needs solutions and stability. The Lawyers’ Committee, an organization with a history and track record of success, has stepped up to answer the call. Please support their important work.

We thank you for considering our request.