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(Washington, D.C.) – The United States Senate voted 52-47 to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court tonight. Barrett is the first justice to be confirmed while a presidential election was underway. The following is a statement from Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law 

Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination and confirmation to the United States Supreme Court is especially troubling because of its timing.  Justice Barrett was nominated by President Trump during an election in which he is running for reelection and now she is going to be deciding cases that could affect the result of the election.  For example, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania timed its request that the Supreme Court overturn the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision on what mail-in ballots would be counted so that it would be decided on a Court which includes Justice Barrett.  This entire process does damage to both the integrity of the Supreme Court and the election process.”  

“Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation dramatically alters the balance of the Supreme Court in ways that will prove devastating for Black Americans and other communities of color for generations to come. Judge Barrett has refused to acknowledge the fact that voter discrimination is still ongoing, and could not concede that voter intimidation is illegal. These are issues playing out in this election at this very moment and may also come before the Court in the weeks and months ahead. Barrett’s record makes clear that she will turn the clock back when it comes to access to democracy. 

“More than 60 million people have already voted in this election. Voting is the way the American people have their voices heard. With this confirmation, the Senate has attempted to silence the will of the American people and undermine our nation’s most sacred democratic tradition.”  


The national Lawyers’ Committee released a report earlier this month detailing Amy Coney Barrett’s civil rights record, and issued an opposition letter with signatories from more than 2,100 members of the private bar.