Clemency Project 2014

Clemency Project 2014 is a working group committed to providing relief for federal prisoners who have suffered the injustice of unduly harsh sentences.  Read More »

Lawyers' Committee's Fight Against Unscrupulous Loan Modification Scammers Continues

The case seeks to recover money damages, including the illegal up-front fees paid by plaintiffs, and injunctive relief. Read More »

Lawyers' Committee & Davis Polk File Fourth Suit Targeting Loan Modification Scam in Nassau County

Plaintiffs from New York and six other states seek to recover illegal upfront fees and monetary damages.  Read More »

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About the Legal Mobilization Project

About the Legal Mobilization Project

Working across and with all subject matter projects, the Pro Bono and LMP staff attorneys and organizers utilize pro bono, technology, litigation, public policy, online communications, advocacy, education, non-litigation assistance and management tools to address civil rights. At the core of LMP was the recognition that a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach can be incredibly effective in tackling today’s civil rights issues.  Read more »
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