Brenda Shum Op Ed in Press of Atlantic City

The recent closure of the Atlantic City High School East Campus presents an opportunity to eliminate racial inequalities and ensure that all students have access to the same educational opportunities. Read More »

LCCRUL Applauds Release of Federal Guidance on Resource Comparability

LCCRUL applauds the USED Office for Civil Rights for ensuring all students have equal access to educational resources regardless of race or national origin. Read More »

LCCRUL Welcomes Release of Federal Guidance on Disability-Based Harassment

LCCRUL welcomes new federal guidance which clarifies a school’s legal obligation to address and prevent disability discrimination. Read More »

Lawyers’ Committee Urges Accountability Reform

The Lawyers' Committee and other civil rights organizations urge the Administration and education leaders to improve the education accountability system to better address educational inequity.  Read More »

About the Education Project

Educational Opportunities Project Mission

The Educational Opportunities Project strives to guarantee that all students receive equal educational opportunities in public schools and institutions of higher learning. Working with private law firms and community leaders, the Educational Opportunities Project has been particularly successful in promoting school integration; supporting the mission of the No Child Left Behind Act; and challenging discriminatory discipline and classroom assignment practices as well as school finance inadequacy. Read more »
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