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Animated Map of Shame

Think getting a government-issued photo ID is easy? Think again!

Many states have rushed to pass government-issued photo ID laws without much consideration for the disproportionate impact these laws have on minority communities, people with disabilities, the elderly, students, and low-income citizens.

Below is an animated version of our Map of Shame, where you can see the progression of these laws over time.

Animated version of the Map of Shame (, which shows the progression of voter suppression legislation over time

Restrictive voter ID laws are truly a "solution in search of a problem," since the issue they purport to address - impersonation of voters at the polls - is practically nonexistent, and states already have numerous protections in place to ensure that this type of fraud does not occur and penalties in the rare event that it does.  Therefore, these newly enacted voter photo ID requirements serve only to remove eligible voters from our democracy and are NOT needed to stop potential impersonation voter fraud.  So why are these laws being enacted?   

Our fundamental right to vote is too important for us to allow these assaults to continue.

Add your name to the growing number of Americans who are saying, "Enough is enough!  Stop these harmful laws and focus on real reforms that will expand access to our democracy for all Americans."

Learn more about the voter laws in your state by visiting the Interactive Map of Shame!

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