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Lawyers' Committee Resources to Combat Disenfranchising Legislation

Legislation that would require voters to produce photo identification at the polls is popping up in many states across the country. These bills create new hurdles to the ballot box that are especially high for low income and minority voters who may not have the resources to get a qualifying photo ID. These voter ID bills are a solution in search of a problem and will only serve to disenfranchise eligible voters. The Lawyers' Committee and our Election Protection and Voter ID Strikeforce partners have been working tirelessly to help protect voters' rights against disenfranchising photo ID and omnibus voting bills that state legislators have been proposing across the nation.

Despite our best efforts in reaching out to lawmakers, these bills are becoming law in some states. It is crucial that we effectively educate voters, poll workers, and election officials about these new laws and do everything in our power to ensure that the worst case scenarios for voters don't come true.

Below is a suite of national and state-specific resources the Lawyers' Committee has used in the fight against these bills. Select a category to jump to the related documents below.

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The following webpages and documents have been compiled by the Lawyers' Committee and coalition partners to help educate the public in the fight against disenfranchising legislation.

Map of Shame - The Assault on Voting: Voter ID Laws, Legislation by State

Deceptive Election Practices and Voter Intimidation: The Need for Voter Protection

The Challenge of Obtaining Voter Identification

The Truth About Voter Fraud

Talking Points on Voter ID Bills

National and State Coalition Resources to Combat Photo ID Bills

The Law Regarding Voting Photo Identification Laws 

Identification Requirements for Voting and Registration in Your State

The Case Against Florida House Bill 1355

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The Lawyers' Committee has given the following testimony before state law makers considering disenfranchising legislation.

Testimony before the Florida Senate Budget Committee on Senate Bill 2086

Testimony Before the Ohio House State Government and Elections Committee on House Bill 159 

Testimony Before the Ohio House of Representatives State Government and Elections Committee on House Bill 194

Testimony Before the Ohio Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee on Senate Bill 148

Testimony Before the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee on House Bill 934

Testimony Before the Wisconsin Assembly against Assembly Bill 7

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The Lawyers' Committee has take the lead on organizing coalition letters sent to state legislatures in the fight against disenfranchising legislation.

Letter to Congress Regarding HR 672

Letter to Congress from the Leadership Conference Regarding HR 672

Coalition Letter to New Hampshire Governor Lynch Regarding SB 129

Letter to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon Regarding SB 3

Letter to the Missouri House Elections Committee Regarding Hearing on HJR14 and HB329

Letter to the Rhode Island Senate Judiciary Committee on SB400

Letter to Ohio Speaker Batchelder and Senate President Niehaus on SB 148 and HB 194

Letter to the Montana Senate State Administration Committee Regarding Hearing on HB 152

Letter to Montana Governor Schweitzer in opposition to HB 180 and HB 152

Letter to Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton Opposing SF 509/HF 210

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The Lawyers' Committee has been active in litigation surrounding voter ID bills that have been signed into law.

South Carolina v. United States

Texas v. Holder

Florida v. Holder

Gonzales v. Arizona

Common Cause v. Billups

Amicus Brief in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board 

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