Supreme Court Decisions Further Erode Title VII's Ability to Protect Workers from Discrimination

The Supreme Court delivered disappointing 5-4 decisions in Vance v. Ball State University and Nassar v. University of Texas Southwest Medical Center. Read More »

Lawyers' Committee Supports the Nomination of Thomas Perez for Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor

Under Perez's leadership, the elimination of employment discrimination has been a focal point. Read More »

Lawyers’ Committee Files Suit Against NCAA for Discriminatory Coaching Policy

NCAA’s ban on coaches with a felony conviction in NCAA-certified high school events violates Title II of the Civil Rights Act. Read More »

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About the Employment Discrimination Project

About the Employment Discrimination Project

The Employment Discrimination Project ("EDP") challenges all forms of racial, national origin, and sexual discrimination in the workplace, both private and governmental, including discrimination by federal, state and local agencies.  Read more »
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