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Educational Opportunities Project Mission

Contact: Brenda Shum, Project Director
Telephone: 202.662.8600
Email: bshum@lawyerscommittee.org

Educational Opportunities -- The Educational Opportunities Project strives to guarantee that all students receive equal educational opportunities in public schools and institutions of higher learning. Working with private law firms and community leaders, the Educational Opportunities Project has been particularly successful in promoting school integration; supporting the mission of the No Child Left Behind Act; and challenging discriminatory discipline and classroom assignment practices as well as school finance inadequacy. In the wake of the 2007 Parents Involved decision, the Educational Opportunities Project is at the forefront of developing strategic ways to implement constitutionally permissible school assignment plans with a consciousness of race and other factors.  The project most importantly emphasizes its concentration on maximizing the potential of disadvantaged students and narrowing the achievement gap between low income and more affluent students, and minority and non-minority students.

Additionally, our Parental Empowerment Program promotes the importance of parental involvement in curtailing the significant drop-out rate for Latino and African American youth. The program seeks to: (1) identify local organizers, parents, advocates, and community-based organizations; (2) hold community forums to learn about most pressing issues of discrimination within school districts; and (3) provide practical and easy to understand information on education and civil rights laws and social science research.

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