Pastor: Research Shows Voter Fraud Fault Of Clerical Errors Not Voters

June 20, 2012  |  WWJ: CBS Detroit

Edwin Rowe, Senior Pastor at the Central United Methodist Church, is among a group planning a protest of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and the recent voter suppression legislation that has passed in Michigan. These new laws include a large set of changes related to voting, including restrictions on voter registration drives, and tightening photo ID requirements.

These restrictive measures, which mirror different laws passing in states across the country, are supposedly to protect against voter fraud, despite no solid evidence that voter fraud is a significant problem in U.S. elections. The lack of evidence isn’t for lack of looking – the Department of Justice launched a large-scale investigation from 2002-2005 into allegations of voter fraud and came away empty handed.

“They say, well it’s about fraud. All these people who are on the rolls, who are dead … the bi-partisan researchers are saying that 99.9 percent of those folks were on the rolls by clerical error,” said Rowe. “There is not extensive voter fraud in the state of Michigan.”

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