Alabama Departments Fail to Provide Voter Registration Materials When Required by Law

June 18, 2012  | By Amanda P. Beadle  |  ThinkProgress  |  Link to article

A group of various organizations, including Demos, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and Project Vote, say they have evidence that Alabama has violated the NVRA by failing to provide voter registration materials to citizens who apply for public assistance.

In a letter to Alabama’s Secretary of State Beth Chapman, the coalition stated, “the number of voter registration applications submitted at Alabama public assistance offices decreased by more than 75 percent from its peak in 1995-1996 to the most recent reporting period of 2009-2010.” Additionally, coalition investigators found that some public assistance offices did not have voter registration materials and many only provided the materials when requested.

The public assistance requirement is a crucial part of the NVRA, commonly known as the “Motor Voter Act,” because it provides an easy and effective way to register to vote.    

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