Loan Modification Scam Prevention Network


The Lawyers' Committee through its Loan Modification Scam Prevention Network (LMSPN or Network) is leading a large-scale mobilization of pro bono legal resources in a comprehensive national campaign to enhance and support existing state and local efforts and create coalitions where needed to crack down on scammers, increase scam reporting, educate homeowners, and work with law enforcement.  This comprehensive campaign will include:

  • National Complaint & Data Collection - A coordinated effort to increase the number of scam complaints filed through a fully integrated national database that will provide partner organizations and homeowners in all states and jurisdictions multiple ways to report scams, facilitate data-sharing and reporting, empower coalition partners, ensure complaints are filed with the appropriate law enforcement agencies, and help the Network identify trends;
  • Empowering Local Organizations - Strong coordinated programs on the ground in targeted states and localities connecting pro bono legal leadership to existing local coalitions (or creating local coalitions where appropriate) to increase local enforcement activities, assist homeowners, collect information and individual scam reports and complaints, educate the public, and support commonsense legal and policy reforms;
  • Increased Enforcement Actions - High impact litigation, where appropriate, which will be coordinated closely with governmental law enforcement and local legal organizations that are representing victims of scams; and
  • Direct Homeowner Contact - Over 2,000 pro bono legal volunteers, who will contact homeowners who have reported scams and are determined to be most in need of further assistance, conduct a more substantive intake to collect detailed information about scammers and how they operate, transmit this information to appropriate law enforcement agencies and ensure that homeowners have the information and resources they need;
  • Public Education - A strategic public education effort, utilizing both online and offline tools, to use the information in the database and the experience of leaders on the ground to help homeowners identify and avoid scams and paint the clearest picture of the havoc wrought by loan modification scammers.

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  • Increased Enforcement Actions
  • Direct Homeowner Contact & Public Education
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